4 – Kali PI 2 – Configure SSH with Custom Banner

If you have gone down the route of creating your own custom image of Kali for the Pi you will need to enable SSH for yourself to make life a bit easier for experimenting with ideas.

Remove the SSH run levels first

update-rc.d -f ssh remove

Load the default SSH run levels

update-rc.d -f ssh defaults

0 - Kali runlevels
Backup and move the default SSH keys and generate some fresh ones to prevent a MITM attack against your Pi.
1 - Kali SSH Configuration
Want a Message of the Day banner? Why the hell not! Install figlet.
apt-get install figlet
2 - Figlet for custom kali banner
Usage is simply
figlet followed by words you wish to have modified
3 - Figlet custom words use
Just copy the text from the teminal and then open up /etc/motd and paste in your new message
4 - modify banner
Add in whatever you want here and save
5 - Changed Banner
SSH into your box to see your new message
ssh root@your_pi_ip_address
6 - Kali SSH configured

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