1 – Wireless Assessment’s a warning in advance

The following tutorial series is aimed at security researchers who have either gone through some wireless auditing themselves before and want a quick refresher or people with an interest in auditing wireless networks for security purposes, I would love to hear stories regarding tricky access point’s also and how obstacles were overcome, I am not interested in people trying to break into their neighbours wireless for example and will not provide any assistance for these questions.

For best results as you are researching you should buy or borrow some routers to play with so your not kicking people off your own Wi-Fi as this get’s annoying for you and anyone else in your house if you keep de-authenticating your clients after a while! That’s how I started years ago though so I can’t lecture you on this but it will make it much easier when changing configurations etc on your router.

The purpose of this is to go over all of this again and obtain 10 CPE’s from the OSWP certification offered by offensive security as I see it as a challenge and a fun way to also gain a new cert to show I know my stuff in this area, anyone can do this, you just need to practice and you will eventually get it. I have not yet signed up but will do so on completion of this course tutorial, these are effectively pre-study notes without any prior knowledge of the course material as I will have to abide by an NDA once I start using the study material which I am excited to start using!
Don’t perform any of this against anyone you are not authorised to perform a wireless assessment on.

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